Waterskiing. Wakeboarding. Wakesurfing. Tubing. If you’re looking to get wet and go fast you’ll find there’s no shortage of fun to be had with a boat. Watersports such as waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing offer your and your family the ultimate in thrills and high-energy adventure!

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Wakeboarding boat buying guide

Wakeboarding boat buying guide

Is wakeboarding your first love? Read through our helpful boat buyer guide for information on which types of boats are best for wakeboarding. With direct Wakeboarding Boat links to manufacturers and more, we can help you find the perfect wakeboarding boat for your needs.

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Watch Team Hyperlite carve up the wake at Bethy Creek Resort in Texas.

Pro Tip

When tubing, designate one person onboard as a "spotter," who can keep a lookout for water tubing accidents or see if anyone has fallen off the tube so the boat driver concentrates on oncoming obstacles.